"JUSTICE HOWARD" the Legend behind the Legends

Amidst the vast world of photographers, emerges an American born Superstar Star who’s provocative images and unique style have made Justice Howard one of the top contenders in the industry today. Internationally acclaimed for her works in over 25 countries and hundreds of print features spanning from French Vogue to Easyriders has made this fierce Diva of the lens a force to be reckoned with.
Best known for her erotic imagery, she has sank her photographic hooks into everything from shooting today’s hottest Rock Stars to every type of celebrity you can imagine, just check out her extensive and extremely impressive BIO on her website, she has had numerous gallery showings across the globe and her highly sought after pieces are owned by the worlds famous and elite. Justice is intense, dynamic and edgy and it shows in her work, every frame is intriguing, thoughtful and distinct. For more information on JUSTICE HOWARD and her work go to www.justicehoward.com

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